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July 1809 for Points of the Press Order preserved for the Tithes 1. Definition 2. Procedure 3. Instruction to the Judge C + A 1

Offences against Reputation


religion, it is not looked upon as immoral: The label of Drunkenness
(that is of drinking fermented liquor
reason is disturbed) is of pernicious consequence
to every where: so is it to the practise of inflicting torture unnecessary
pain on those whom the chance of war has
put into our power. Accordingly (to say of for a man to have a
man) it said of him that he is a drunkard, or that he has tortured
a prisoner taken in war would gen commonly be of pernicious
consequence to him in any of the civilized
countries of Europe. It would however not be of any
such consequence among the savages of North
America. For although among these people such practises are doubtless detrimental to be guilty as well as here these practises are could be detrimental
to the community there as well as here,
yet they seem not to be understood to be so: accordingly
partly for whether on that account,
or by reason that the merit or tendency to
produce happiness or unhappiness in the community
is not there looked upon as the standard
of its merit or immorality, they are not in
general looked upon as immoral. Among the
Hindoos Aborigines of Indistan it is looked upon as immoral
for a man to of a certain rank to eat
with or touch the person of a man of another
particular rank; because, owing to some mistaken
conceit men have come to fancy it not right
that such a thing should be done: which is owing to their
not conforming themselves in the their approbation or disapprobation
passed upon of an action to the decisions of that standard. Back to No 5x

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