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Offences against Reputation —

For a man to be guilty of for guilty of defamation by charging another with immoral crimes or misdemeanours, or with disreputable acts indisposition the things
that are not crimes or misdemeanours, three two incidents
must concur
1. The notion or story propagated must have substantially been false in substance
2. The author or propagator of it must have had no
probable reason for believing it to be substantially true.

Exposition. Besides these, for a man to be guilty of Defamation by charging another with disreputable acts or qualities dispositions, a third incident must occur:][ 3. His must have motive in spreading it must have
been corrupt: that is either to gratify malice, or to procure a benefit
at the expense of the party defamed.
4. It matters not whether the malice be against the
party defamed, or against another to person with whom he is connected
by the ties of sympathy, as a wife, husband
Parent, Child or Brother Sister, Guardian, Ward, Patron, Dependent or intimate
friend, [or a man of the same party in politics or
5. It matters not whether the person whose benefit
is on view be the [author defamer or propagator] himself or
a person connected to with him by the ties of

A man who avers or insinuates a story publishes a report
without mentioning any author shall be punished as
if he were the author: and if his account varies in any essential
circumstance from this his immediate author's, he shall be considerd
as the author for as much as depends upon
that circumstance.

No matter by what means signs expressed It matters not in what manner the falsehood be propagated:
whether by speech, by looks, by gestures, by
affected silence: in writing, in print, by graphical, symbolical or theatrical
representation; in short by any method of expression whatsoever:
whether by positive assertion, or by grave or affected doubt:][ whether
in presence of the party defamed or in his absence: whether

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