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Offences against Reputation

Instructions to the Judge ritions propensities through despondency. From p. 18 Instead therefore
of being reformed by his punishment, he is
corrupted: and person the people at large instead
of being comforted by the prospect of protecting Justice
are alarmed by the image of oppressive tyranny.

Form of humiliation submission. The form in which an man convicted of defamation a man convicted of defamation
offender may shall is indeed to makes
submission to the party injured may be as follows.
P. I. I A. D. do acknowlege that I have been convicted of
injuriously defaming you by [here briefly state the offence] I acknowledge
or It has been determined by the Court that
in that I said [or did] I spoke [or acted] without sufficient warrant.
I am therefore sorry for what I have done, [and
do hereby entreat your pardon. forgiveness.

Before Where a person convicted of defamation makes
his submission the Court may previously admonish
exhort him that if he do believe the party defamed
to have been innocent of the charge, or that he the
defamers injurious persuasion a suspicion circulated
expressed by him the defamer was expressed or harboured
without sufficient warrant: that he confess it in
his submission as the best and only compleat
atonement he can make for his transgression. offence.

Reasons Why the truth of the notions is admitted as a justification. From p. 29 The punishment of the moral sanction or the censure which people at large pass
upon the conduct of one anothers this together with the fear of God & of the Laws conduct are one of the three great
guards upon of national virtue: [the concerns of the
Law, and that of God are the two others.] It is The two
first are the only guards checks which from the nature of things can
be applied to a very great part, perhaps the
greatest part of those actions by which if concentrated
the happiness of society would be disturbed. Setting aside the

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