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14 C

Offences against Reputation

Reasons the fear of God, which unhappily does not make an equal
nor sufficient impression upon all men the censure of the world thus is then
the only check which can operate in a multitude
of cases. Such for instance are the cases 1. where the
mischiefvous practice the of the act though trivial too
slight, in any one instance to be punished by the
Law, may become considerable by reputation: 2. where
the nature of the offence act is too vague, to be de
and the circumstances which must concur to render it
mischievous are too difficulty to find found out, to be specified
with that exactness which is necessary when
an act is made the object of punishment. 3. where
the Law has neglected to not provide a sufficient punishment
for the offence. 4thly where from some difficulties
attending the mode of prosecution or from from some
samples about the admissibility of evidence, the offender though
he be a come within the prohibition of the Law
can not be brought to punishment 5thly where the
expenses of prosecution proceeding deter the necessary parties
persons whose concurrence is necessary from bearing
their parts in the prosecution. 6. 7 8. Where the delinquent
by his credit with men in power the power or [by his] popularity
is placed beyond the reach of Law. above the Law. Where they are prevented by the death, unavoidable absence, or other external accidents; or by shame compassion fear, indolence or other internal motives.

This check then, necessary as it is to the happiness
of society it belongs to the Law to regulate only, &
by no means to destroy. For the Law to destroy it
would be to destroy a power which is oftentimes more useful than it's own.
When regulated in the manner proposed above to
moral sanction, besides it's other good effects advantages as
may be of considerable use in forwarding the execution of

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