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16 6 C

Offences against Reputation

It breaks men's peace; but so as a minister of Justice
in the execution of his office breaks them the peace.

It is no wonder On this head the Jurisprudence of all countries
abounds with absurdities and contradictions inconsistencies:
[since this is one of the subjects in which
the passions of men have had the most to do.] Sometimes

Verbal abuse Verbal abuse Abusive censure is where by personal epithets or other terms of
or other signs of reproach a man expresses his contempt or aversion
for another. or by calling him rogue, rascal,
knave scoundrel villain with the like.

No matter whether in single epithets or in sentences Verbal abuse Abusive censure when convey'd in words may
be couched either in single epithets, such as
rogue, knave, villain and the like, or diffused through
sentences or discourses of any length.

Reproach Verbal abuse Abusive censure closely connected with defamation Abusive censure Verbal abuse Reproach is very apt to be coupled with
defamation; and very often scarce distinguishable
from it. Abusive censure Reproach the more particular
it becomes, the more it approaches to Defamation.
Defamation the more general it becomes
the more it approaches to abusive censure. Reproach

Verbal abuse Reproach when most distinct from Defamation Abusive censure Verbal abuse Reproach is at the purest when it expresses nothing
more than that the party censured you above reproach is the
object of your aversion or contempt, without intimating
in any manner what it is he has done
to make him so: as if you call him an abominable
man, wretch a worthless man, or a rascal or
a scoundrel: or imprecate curses on his head.

Defamation. when most distinct from verbal abuse Defamation is at the purest when it expresses intimates
nothing more than that the party you defame
has done such or such an Quality act, or possesses such or such a quality which is in itself a

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