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C 9

Offences against Reputation

Instructions to the Judge If a man attack with defamation or verbal
abuse a whole sect or other class or community of men
he may be punished for the general damage at the
suit of the prosecutor general, and for the any special
damage to as also for the general at the suit of any
particular person whether of that sect class or community or not by whom any such damage has
been sustained. As if a man falsely and knowing the falsity of his av report knowing it to be false alledge that the Jews
of such a place have taken by force a Christian
Child and circumcised it, whereby the a mob rises
and commits outrages on the person of a Jew, of that for or damages
the goods of another person supposing them
to belong to the Jew.

Instructions to the Legislator

Two dangers to be guarded against In settling the Law relative to this and the preceding head there
are two great dangers to be avoided: on the one hand
the leaving the reputation of an innocent man
in any respect at the mercy of his enemy: the on
removing the other hand the [ in
any respect from that powerful and controul] destroying or weakning the power of the moral sanction: that salutary which
tends to restrain men from actions pernicious
to the community by the dread of it's displeasure. To p. 13

Instructions to the Judge

From p. 24 When a Judge establishes as a ground of
aggravation the literary merit of a libel, [I] Informations to Judge In ascribing literary merit to a libel, were that by the reputation thus conferred encouragement be afforded. let him
take care that the reputation he confers by this
means do not operate in the way of reward as
an encouragement to the crime. For this purpose, let him

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