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C 11

Offences against Reputation

For the ones where the honor
For Defamation and violation
<p>In the cases where the Sovereign or an Officer of
State is the object of Defamation or verbal abuse
see Offences against the Government.

The Damage a man is liable to sustain be subjected
from to by Defamation or verbal abuse is either special
or general. Special Damage is where on a particular occasion a man suffers
a particular assignable loss mischief or loses a particular
assignable benefit: as if he loses is deprived of upon a particular occasion of the assistance of
a Surgeon whereby he loses a limb; or of a pilot
whereby he suffers shipwreck: or loses an appointment
an to any offer the opportunity of being married
to a woman who before his reputation can b is
cleared, intermarries with another; or loses an appointment
to an office, which before his reputation is
cleared is given to another: or loses being a trader
loses the custom of any person which before his
reputation can be cleared is given to another.

General Damage is where no such special damage
can be proved; but from the nature of the
case is such that it appears likely he may have naturally suffered or be about to suffer some
special damages or be about to suffer some under
the a reasonable apprehension of suffering some special damage
on one occasion or another.

Small and one determinate items of special
damage may be received as presumptive evidence
of a greater and indeterminate general damage.
As if it can be proved that by reason of a report
spread to the prejudice of a trader, one or two persons
who would otherwise have been his customers, went and


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