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7 C B + 13 Offences against Reputation —

Nor in what manner utterd -ther the discourse be directed addressed to any person in particular,
or to uncertain persons at random; as if a
paper be dropt any where to the extent that it shall should
be taken if, and read.

Nor how the party is marked out It matters not in what manner the party person
defamed who is the object of the defamation is described
whether his name be mentioned at length or by initials:
whether it be mentioned or omitted; so as it he be
sufficiently described in such a manner pointed out
by any means whatever he be or pointed out in
such a manner as is sufficient to render him the
object of suspicion.

Procedure Choice of six disreputable qualities to be specified in the accusation Where the Defamation a man complains of
consists in - the char imputation of disreputable
qualities not amounting to political offences, let
him have the liberty of fixing in specifying any six of
the qualities contained in the above catalogue, and
the same number so for every imputation in the discourse he complains
of in the discourse in question, and if he can make
out - to the satisfaction - of the Court that the imputation in question - respects any
of the six it shall be — sufficient.

2 Consequence of not having specified the qualities in proof It shall also be sufficient if he can
make out that the imputation relates to any other
of the disreputable qualities specified in the catalogue,
although it be not comprised one of in the six
[specified for that purpose] proved unless it should
appear [from the complexion of the case as it turns
out on the hearing] that the party accused was
deprived of a just defence he might have made, had
he been apprized that the charge was of such a

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