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10 16 C

Offences against Reputation

If the notion Defendant be not proved to have been
concerned in propagating the notion alledged, or if
the notion alledged be not of the number of those that
are disreputable to a man, or if the notion appear
to be true the Defendant should be acquitted: &
the Pltf shall pay his costs: and he shall be liable to further

Excuse — probable cause If the notion appears not to be true, but that
the Defendant had probable cause for believing it
and reporting it to be so, he shall in this case
be acquitted, but he shall pay the Pltf the whole
of his costs or a part according to the discretion of
the Judge; but he shall not be liable to any further

Excuse — unadvisedness. If the notion appears not to be true and that
the Deft had not probable cause for believing it to
be true, but was concerned in propagating it only
out of unadvisedness and not from any corrupt
motive, the he shall be found guilty, of unadvised defamation he may be made obliged to make compensation for any special damage sustained by the Pltf, he shall
at any rate be bound to pay full costs, and he
may be reprimanded by the Judge.

If the notion appears not to have been true and
that the Deft had not probable cause for believing
it, but was concerned in propagating it from
a corrupt motive, he shall be found guilty of wicked defamation, he may be obliged to make compensation for all damage gener special or general he may be punished by any made to suffer the
following punishments all or any of them
1. He may be simply reprimanded by the Judge. in private
Session, or in public Session.
2. He may be obliged to ask pardon of the party injured with or without
ceremonies more or less humiliating.
3. He may be exhibited with circumstances of corporal ignominy
at one or more times and for a longer or shorter
space of time.

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