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Of Offences against Reputation. in general. Diss.

English Law English Laws 1 French law is best adapted to offences against reputation It may be worth is first in expedients for reparation observing that the provision here proposed to be made for them The manner in which With regard respect to Injuries Offences against Reputation
the manner in which those injuries are here in general it may be worth observing, that offences the treatment
provision here proposed stile of treating them here
treated pursued will be found to be particularly in the spirit
of the French Law, and not at all in that of the English.
2 English, very old. Old English lawyers strangers insensible to the power of ill repute — sensible only to 1 bodily pain, 2. preserving life 3. loss of liberty No wonder they can not admit treating suffering with which would not sympathetic To judge by the treatment given by the English
Common Law to theirs offences of this class, one would
imagine the Judges were utters strangers to that
respectable and useful principle, the sense of honour.
Confining their attention exclusively to the grosser
feelings, they seem to have imagined that if a
man does not feel smart, he feels nothing: and that
so long as when he does not lose money, he loses nothing To p. 20 To p. 20 3

4 3 continued From p. 4 20 [With this turn of thinking] it is not to be wonder'd
at that they should have made but very imperfect
provision for the healing of those wounds that anguish
of the mind with which they knew not how to sympathise. The
practise of the French Law on this hand is of a very different complexion: it is fertile in expedients: expedients perfectly apposite and well-imagined. is fertile in such expedients:
for this purpose: In the old English Jurisprudence the
love of liberty, another very respectable, principle principle but surely
not the only respectable one, supplies the place though but imperfectly, of
the sense of honour. It seems a remarkable proof
of good humour and moderation, that considering the

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