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4 24 C

Offences against Reputation

Defamation Abuse — Malicious Prosecution

From p. 2. very severely in the good will and estimation of the community
[believes in] for an act which is not at
all immoral, as for an act which is not so immoral
as it is reputed to be. On the other hand there
will in a few may be some sometimes instances in which not a man will not perhaps suffer at all
in the good will or esteem of the a community though
he be known to have committed an act which
is really immoral; or be at least will not suffer so much
as he would do if they it were reputed it as immoral
as it is.

At present different acts practises and qualities
are reputed in a different degree immoral in different
communities: partly because the same practises
and qualities which are detrimental in one community
are not so in another: partly because
those which are alike detrimental in all are not
equally understood to be so: partly because offences are
not this standard for judging of the immorality or
merit of an act or propensity is not equally conformed
to in all communities. (a)

As to crimes the catalogue of them is to be sought
for in the Law. It is They are as follows.


(a) It is may be of pernicious consequence to a Turk or other Mahometan
to say of him that he has drunk wine: it is can be of no
such consequence to say the same thing of a Christian.
For among the Turks it is looked upon as immoral
for a man to drink wine; since that practice
is being [looked upon as] forbidden by their religion; among Christ as
Christians, not being forbidden by [] their religion

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