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6. C

Of Unlawful Reproach

As to the reproach which in this case may have accompanied
the defamation, this is in itself of little consequence:
[it may have added something to the present pain]. If the
quarrel has had any effects worth regarding, it the invective may have
contributed something to the producing those effects. If no
quarrel has ensued, it has no farther effects at all.

11 Vituperation is worse in person than in absence On the contrary mere Reproach Vituperation unaccompanied with
Defamation is more mischievous in general when delivered
to a man's face than behind his back. 12 Reasons — 1. In person it is more apt than defamation to produce quarrel 2. No specific imputation being conveyed, there will is none to as in defamation 3. In sense, expressing nothing but the vituperation or contempt without any cause is both liable to be hurt by it. In the former case
there is a danger of its producing a quarrel, and such a
quarrel as may be followed by personal outrage on one
side or the other: in the latter case, it has generally very
little effect to the prejudice of the person who is the
object of it. It has little more effect than just to give
people to understand that the offender is angry with the
person whom he reproaches: vituperates: and the discredit of the reproach vituperation
generally falls upon the author himself.

Defamation when delivered before indifferent persons is

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