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C 9

Of Offences against Reputation in general Diss.

22 continued 1. This number of the persons to whose conception it is likely to be conveyed is thus increased 2 But the more interesting the story whether from the quality of the person supposed or the notion of the supposed the more diffused will the defamation be when and the less the additional difference it will receive for writing. If by all it is though with to all a man have to with it than us farther from place it is likely to spread more readily to be circulated among
a greater number of people in the first case than in the latter.
But the more generally interesting (whether from the quality
of the persons, the singularity of the incidents or in short from
any other cause,) the scandal is likely to be, the more it will
spread when conveyed only from mouth to mouth: it will
also spread indeed the more on the same account when conveyed
by permanent signs; but hardly in the same proportion.
23 The degree of additional publicity from writing will vary with the state of the country: in respect of the proportional number of readers. If it be very interesting indeed it may be spread communicated in the former
of these ways in such a degree as to be communicated to all the people whom the person defamed
will ever have to deal with, and in that case it cannot
in the other way spread farther, at least, so as to hurt him more, in the other
way. The proportion indeed between these two ways methods modes in point
of publicity is very difficult to ascertain: it must vary in
different Countries and in different classes of persons in
the same country. It will depend in a great degree on
the proportion between the numbers of those who can read
and of those who cannot read among the persons whom the party

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