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14. C

Of Unlawful Reproach

33 What sort of imputation shall be most mischievous to an individual depends on high or low condition in life. difference is apt to be exaggerated. In making the comparison we
are apt to imagine what a man of high rank would suffer
from an imputation of a given kind and conveyed in a given
measure, and then imagine what a man of mean rank
would suffer from an imputation of the same kind and conveyed
in the same manner. But to make the comparison
fairly we ought to conceive what each would suffer
by that sort of imputation by which each would respectively
be most affected. 34 The more interested the education the Sensibility and mischief is in quantity 1. by degree of in education 2. by elevation in rank A Nobleman is most apt to be tender
of his honour, a soldier of his courage, a clergyman of
his piety and orthodoxy, a working mechanic of his skill
in his Art: a modest woman of her reputation in point of
chastity, a courtezan of her beauty.

The pain of humiliation and the loss of Character are in this respect on a different footing. 35 But a , by the power and influence with which rank is apt to be attended, the sensibility is in another way . Power and influence rendering a man so much the less on the good offices of others On this occasion we should distinguish between the
pain of humiliation, and the immediate present pain which
a man feels from an hurt to his reputation, and the loss of
character, or the distant and contingent evils which may befal
him by reason of his being deprived of such or such a
part of the share he would otherwise have had in the good will of

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