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C 5

Of Personal Abuse Unlawful Reproach Press Printer's Law

Importers responsible as Printers Let the importer of a Book printed abroad
in the national language be responsible as if
he were the Printer: and accordingly oblige him
to stamp his name and address upon the Title-Page

Let the Judge determine whether the Printer
shall be obliged the Printer to name his Author.

8 Pro Terms upon which the Prosecutor-General &c may stop the sale. When a Book comes out, let it be
in the power of the Prosecutor General or
else in that of the Attorney General in
civilibus to seize the copy impression upon paying
the current price for it but not otherwise. And
if the Court do not condemn the copy book
or adjourn the condemnation within three months
let him the Bookseller Printer be at liberty to reprint it

9 Provision respecting foreign languages It is a question matter that depends upon the particular
circumstances of each state to determine
what languages are to be consider'd for this
behalf as purpose to be deemed the national
languages: and whether any and what dead or foreign
languages are in this respect to be put on
the same footing with the national. To p. 6

11 Case of Disputed title & the Sovereignty From p. 6 If there be any other case in account of which a system
of regulations to the above effect would might be
more beneficial than mischievous, it can only
be on a particular emergencies and with respect
to books on particular subjects. I know can think of no such emergency,

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