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6 C

Of Personal Abuse Press.

emergency but that of a disputed title to the
sovereignty. In such case it will may rank
among other measures of defensive war taken
by him the claimant who is in possession against the
claimant out of possession: a most earnest violent possession though even then
it is a measure which a man who had a
good opinion of his own title would almost be
ashamed to use. It would be as much as to
say, I want "Good people I have a great ambition to reign over you: desire to govern you but my notion
"is, that if you were you to hear all you
"would not think it right fit I should to have one [I should reign over
"you:] therefore I am determined you shall
"not hear only nothing but on my side."
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10 Case of Obscene publications From p. 5 I can think of but one case on account of which such a system of regulations could justly be desirable. This is that of obscene pictures
or discourses. These address themselves have
not as is to do with reason: not to the understanding: therefore there is
no chance that knowledge can be improved
by them. If They address themselves only to the
a passion the passions appetites: to appetites which needs always to be bridled,
and needs never to be spurred. If a work on this score
should be condemned on this score which condemnation should pass on a work that does
not strictly merit the imputation, the damage
is not great: if a work that does is perpe
circulated with impunity, the mischief, in the eyes
of most people, at least may be considerable.
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