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8 C

Printers & Law. Of Personal Reproachful Censure Abuse Unlawful Reproach

From p. 1 If the abuse be utter'd in presence of the party
abused, it matters the truth of the notion conveyd
is not a justification

[(A) Lawful cause] Justifications are
Truth of the matter of fact
1. Consent. 2. Domestic power. 3. Military
power. 4. Judicial power. 5. Sovereign power
independent or delegated.
1 A copy to be sent in a certain time before
2. Novels to be sent in

In such case
From p. 4.
Under a regulation of this sort, innocence will
be secure. If a man can read he has nothing
to do but to look into the Title page. If he can
not, there can be no harm in debarring him
from selling. On the other hand delinquency will can
be certain of detection. have no hope of escaping.
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12 Why Statesmen affect secresy Motives for which wishing to keep past transactions
secret are either 1. a consciousness of guilt: or 2.
the desire of giving ones self airs of importance, upon
the strength of a monopoly of intelligence: by which
means of which a man fool can give himself the advantage
over a wise man. It is on these accounts the interest of courtiers
to keep things secret: but the interest of the sovereign
in these points is quite contrary: much more the interest of the people.

The sovereign is above such arts: he stands in
no need of them to make himself respectable respected. His
interest is that every thing that is done by his servants should
be placed in the broadest day light possible. It is by that means only that he can place them under the controul of the moral sanction.

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