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2. C Offences against the external Security of the State.

and declared purpose of his conduct ; when he acts in the
character of an enemy to the foreign state, the bringing on
his own State the enmity of the foreign one is probably
not the purpose, at any rate not the declared purpose of
his conduct.

It is however the pretty certain consequence ; unless
his own State disavows his conduct, and as a proof of such
disavowal, in some cases punishes him, in as far as it lies
in its power; or in other cases acquiesces at least in his being
punished by the foreign state: And upon this footing
in general stands the reason which every state has
in point of self-interest (not to insist upon the fainter motive
of benevolence) to punish offences committed by its own
members against those of any other state.

Injuries to a foreign State are either injuries to Individual members or to the State at large. All As to acts which are inimical to a foreign state they
may be either such as affect any individual members of
the State in their private capacity ; or 2.ly The State itself
in its political capacity.

In the first case they are susceptible of all the varieties
of which Offences of the first class , that is Offences against individuals , are susceptible . In the second they are susceptible
of all the varieties of which Offences of the 4.th Class or Offences

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