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C 3. Offences against the external Security of the State.

offences against the State, that is against one's own State, are
susceptible. In both cases a catalogue of the one may serve
as a catalogue of the other.

The danger of not punishing them is in proportion to the means one appears to have of punishing them. The danger however which such Acts may induce
of drawing on one's own state the enmity of the foreign
state; and therefore the reason they afford to one's
own state for treating them on such a footing is liable
to vary according to the facility which it appears to
have of preventing them.

This facility will depend upon the jurisdiction
which our own state has over the offender's Jurisdiction is constituted by the power of punishing. This
jurisdiction is in other words nothing more than the power
of punishing causing him to be punished.. For whenever you have the such a power [of
punishing] over any person, you possess to the extent of such
power a kind of jurisdiction over him; and if you have
no such power you have in effect no such jurisdiction.

Now this power or jurisdiction must of course be susceptible
of all the varieties of which punishment is itself
susceptible. Different sources of Jurisdiction. But in as far as the facility of carrying
it into execution is concerned it may be distinguished
under the four following heads: 1. Jurisdiction by reason of
affection to a place. 2. Jurisdiction by reason of residence. 3.

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