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6. C Offences against the external Security of the State.

commonly apt to be united. Accordingly a state is looked upon as being
more responsible for what passes within its own dominions
than for what passes any where else.

That which is desined from birth the most permanent. This alone constitutes a man a member of the State. This jurisdiction however, though the most coercive
so long as it subsists, is not the most permanent. The most
permanent is that which is constituted by birth. This is
evidently perpetual: and this alone is commonly understood
to constitute the person subject to it, a member of the
state. With regard to any other state than that within
the dominions of which he was born, a man may be spoken
of as a subject, but he is hardly looked upon as a member
of it unless by his own consent he be constituted such by
an express act of the state. Such an Act is called an Act of

These two alone constitute a man a Subject These two are the only species of jurisdiction that
are commonly understood to constitute a man a subject of
the state by which they are possessed. In no other case
than that of birth is jurisdiction by reason of affection to a
place, nor in any case jurisdiction by reason of possessions,
or jurisdiction by reason of religion understood to constitute
a man a subject. This however is but matter of words; for it

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