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C 7 Offences against the external Security of the State.

it may happen that a jurisdiction which does not constitute
a man a subject may possess as much influence over him
as one that does.

Allegiance Natural and Local Correspondent to the term subject is the term Allegiance.
When a man is considered as being subject to any
State by birth his allegiance is called natural: when by
residence it is termed local.

The responsibility of a State for a man is in proportion to the efficacy of its Jurisdiction over him. It is evident that it is only in as far as our own
State possesses a Jurisdiction over a person that it can possibly
be considered as responsible for the conduct of that person.
In other words it is only in as far as he is understood
to be subject to the jurisdiction of our own State that any
conduct of his can in the way of provocation expose
our own state to the enmity of any other. In point of practice
it seems to be only for the conduct of such persons as
are under its allegiance that our own state is commonly looked
upon as responsible. Not but there might be reason for
considering it as responsible for all persons who are in any
other way subject to its jurisdiction. Nor indeed is the manner
in which this matter is considered perfectly uniform
and determinate. Now

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