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8. C Offences against the external Security of the State.

1. The occasion for punishing offences against a foreigner depends upon the place. Now then, first let us consider such acts as are detrimental
to the foreign state by being injurious to particular
individuals that are members of it. The degree in
which one's own State is looked upon as responsible for such
Acts and consequently the danger with which they threaten
it, will depend a good deal upon the place in
which they are committed.

This place will either be within the dominions of
one's own state or not; if not, it will be either within the
dominions of some foreign state or a vacant spot not within
the dominions of any state; and in this latter case it will be
either on sea or land.

2. Upon the amity or enmity of his nation and upon his being a privileged person or not. Again: the state of which the party injured is a
member may either be at amity or at enmity with one's own
state, and in either case he may be a privileged person or
not. What is meant on this occasion by a privileged person
we shall see presently. Both these circumstances may have
a material influence on the degree in which one's own state
may be exposed to the resentment of the injured state.

How such offences When the place in which the injurious Act is committed is
in the dominions of one's own state there can be no doubt about

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