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C 9. Offences against the external Security of the State.

How Such Offences ought to be punished when committed within the dominions of one's own State about the manner in which it should be punished. It is
an offence against one's own state, as such it ought to be
punished in the same manner as an offence of the same
kind committed against a native. While the foreigner continues
in the dominions of one's own state, and as such
remains contributory to its well-being and subject to its
authority it has the same reason nearly for affording
protection to him as to a native. In this point of view
it is as much affected by the primary mischief of the injury
done to him; and in any point of view it is as much
affected by the secondary mischief as if he were a native.
It will of course therefore give to him the same degree of
protection as to a native; and unless in the particular
case of a privileged person the state of which he is a member
will hardly expect he should have a greater.

The same measures which serve to provide only for
the internal tranquillity of the state when committed against
a member of the state, are requisite to provide as
well for the internal tranquillity as for the external security
of it in this. Offences thus circumstanced require
not therefore to be put under a separate title. They fall naturally

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