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18. C Offences against the external Security of the State.

common case of this sort is where a subject of one's own
state furnishes military stores to the enemies or revolted subjects
of the foreign state. This is the most common case, because
the gain to be made by such a traffic is a motive that is more
apt to be in people's way than any which could lead a man
to prejudice a foreign state in any other manner. It is
also however not an uncommon case for a subject of one's own
state to enlist himself or to engage others to enlist in the
military service of the enemies or revolted subjects of a
foreign state. These two cases are the most common; but there
are few of the acts that can be committed to the prejudice
of one's own State but may also be committed to
the prejudice of a foreign state.

The degree of countenance or discountenance contenance or discontenance which
it may be proper to give to such acts will depend altogether
upon the particular connections between the several states
that may be concerned. It is impossible therefore to ascertain
it by the letter of any universal Law. It will depend
partly upon the reason that one's own state may have for
wishing well to the foreign one: that is, partly upon what it may
have to hope from the foreign: partly upon what it may have

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