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Ins Offences against the external security of the State

Which deemed offences against the Law of Nations

From the view that has been given of the offences
that come under this class committed against the governing body foreign states it will appear that
the treatment they require is in very few respects
different from the material committ competent to
offences committed by subjects against subjects.

expedient however there is which might be applied
to all of them and indeed to all cases where a foreigner
is concerned. This is, upon the commencement
of the prosecution, to give notice to the minister
of the nation state of which the foreigner is a
member, in order that the minister may satisfy himself
that justice is done to his fellow citizen by
being present or appointing any one to be present
at the proceedings. Such an exp institution might
every now and then be the means of preventing
a war between saving the two nations from the calamities
of war. When the foreign nation state is one with which his own
state is already at war, the notice might be given to the minister of some neutral nation allied to both, or it might even be given to the whole diplomatic body.

Another expedient is in every such case, or at least
in some particular privileged cases, such as where a


-iards meet in some part or other of the wilds of America
which is not understood to be comprised within the limits
of either of these states. The one party attacks and
plunders the other. Would this be Piracy? I suppose
not; it because not not committed on or near the Sea.
It seems however to be pretty much of the same nature: tho'
it seems not to be understood generally under the same
[a] It might possibly for instance have been a means of preventing the breaking on the

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