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2. C Offences against the National Interest in general.

Abuses to which this title is liable. A caution to the Legislator— This title is a very ample one, as
such a very loose one and on that account very liable to be abused. It
would be abusing it, if he made use of it for a receptacle for such
acts as he could not discover to be productive of any particular
kind of mischief. There is in short but one case in which he can
stand justified, for putting any kind of act under this title; that
is where the same sort of act is liable at one time to be productive of mischief in one way, at another time of another: but at
any rate in some one or other of the ways specified under the preceding titles. If not he has no better warrant for putting it
here than any where else. At present when a Legislator has a
mind to punish an act, and he cannot tell why, he calls it an
offence against good order. Let him take care that the class here in
question be not made the same ill use of.

Example of an Offence belonging to it — Taking pensions from foreign powers. Among the Offences which can with propriety be placed
upon this uncertain ground I can find no other than the following:
1. Taking without leave of the government a pension or present from
a foreign state in amity.

The state in question by the supposition possesses an exterior amity. But

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