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C 3

National Wealth

of a spit serves to dress a man's victuals, may appear
other year the next year in the shape of a sword:
and in the next to that, in the shape of a cannon.
If the same implement portion of matter can not minister
be applied immediately to all sorts of uses, it
may intermediately, by going in exchange for others.
If then implements of security are distinguishable
from implements of wealth it is only at particular
times and on particular occasions that they are so.

The business of government, the business of
the sovereign power, consider'd as distinct from the particular businesses
of Justice & War, from the of the judicial and
military power, which consider'd in another point of view
it includes, is to direct the exercise and power
provide the funds necessary for the support of the
other two. The funds collection of things of all sorts which it provides for
that purpose are called when consider'd altogether,
constitute what is called the Public
Revenue, or for shortness the Revenue. The
source from whence it draws those funds is
the universal assemblage of sum of the articles of property
of all sorts belonging to the several individuals
that are members of the state and which when consider'd
together form what is called the National Wealth. What

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