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Offences against the Revenue.

destruction of their useful properties, [or are made use of and without changing
owners for the purpose of producing others] any called
aggregate mass in whose ever hands it be is called a fixed capital: such
part as is destined either for consumption such as provisions may be called a consumable capital: such for part as is destined for frequently changing owners backwards & forwards, such as money, or for
changing owners such as money is termed a circulating capital

Public wealth must consist of the same ingredients as private These are the ingredients of which any
the wealth of any individual may be comprised:
but of whatever ingredients the wealth of any individual
is capable of being may be composed of the same and no
other must the wealth of the public be composed:
the only difference between the wealth of individuals private & public wealth
being that the one is employ'd for the purpose of
some assignable individuals, the other for the purposes
of a multitude of unassignable individuals

Public wealth then is wealth that is lodged indeed
in the hands of certain assignable individuals, — and when once become public is exposed to the same attacks but to be made
use of not for the privat particular private purposes of
those particular individuals, but for the general purposes
of the state. The individuals in whose hands
it is lodged for these purposes are public officers
or officers of the state. Public Wealth then
[which] is where once it so long as it is lodged in the hands of Public Officers may be

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