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Offences against the Revenue

-valent, and constituted public property is called
a tax.

of consent Produce of a tax what it may consist of Now any par species of private property
may be is capable of being thus taken. A tax may accordingly be taken
in any shape in which private property
can exist. It may be taken in hand a or other
immoveables b, in consumable and other moveable
commodities, and amongst the rest in money,
or in labour c.

Circulating capital of the state, what. What Any part source of the public wealth which comes
in periodically is stiled the Public Revenue: & for shortness, the
Revenue. This revenue it It is found most convenient to take at in
money: accordingly the general practise is to
take it in money. Money constitutes therefore in general
the principal part of the revenue. This money
part of the revenue consist constitutes the circulating
capital of the state.


(a) The taking a piece of ground belonging to a private
owner without and for the purpose of turning it into a public road,
when it is taken as is said to be the practise in France, without
an equivalent, is an instance of a tax paid in Land.
(b) The quartering of Soldiers in private houses is an
instance of a tax paid in that species of immoveables.
It is giving the soldiers a partial and temporary property property
on the house. This tax is levied in England in only on innkeepers & other the occupiers
(c) G of what are called public houses; in many
other countries it is levied on the occupiers of almost all
houses indiscriminately.
(c) What in France is called a Corvee, or the obliging day lab husbandmen and other persons to
work on the roads without pay, is an instance of a tax of this

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