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Offences against the Revenue


We must be careful to distinguish the object
in which a tax is said to be paid or received
from the object on which it is said
to be levied.

Occasions on which taxes may be made payable. Of Taxes there are various kinds. Of Those
kinds are distinguished characterised the characteristic difference
is taken from the occasion upon on which the object
in which the tax is to be paid is taken from the
private owner. These occasions are always commonly denominated
either the circumstance of a man's standing in a are either the
some from the relation the person who is taxed
stands in with respect to the certain situation with respect relation to the particular object on which
the tax is said to be levied: such as the being
owner of the object, the having it in his custody,
or occupation; or the performing of a certain act
upon it, as the carrying it from place to place
or the using it in such or such a way.
with or without relation to any object in particular.

The revenue consists either of forfeitures or taxes proper Such This act will either be among the number of those be one which the Legislator
wishes should not be done, or not among
that number: in the first former case the operation Legislator
of the Legislator is a prohibition as well as prohibits as well as taxes: and instead of being said
a tax: in the other latter case it is a tax to impose a tax, he is said to lay a penalty to
only exact impose a fine, or more generally to create
a forfeiture.

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