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Offences against the Revenue

Offences, against that part of the Revenue which consists of Forfeitures, [have been already provided against] dismissed Hence it is evident that any practise which
tends to prevent a forfeiture from being collected
and got in will, over and above the offence besides being an offence against
it may give to Justice, be an offence against
the Revenue. But such practises have been
already described and provided against: there to wit
under the head of offences against Justice:
there can therefore be no occasion to describe
them & provide against them here.

Offences against respecting taxes are reducible to 1. Non-payment. 2. Evasions of the regulations for inforcing payment. What other offences can be committed against
the revenue are reduce practises tending
to prevent a tax from being got in. These
practises will consist either 1. in simply not paying in non-payment
of the tax in question or 2. in acts of disobedience
to the regulations made in the view
of preventing the persons taxed from eluding payment.

These regulations must be different for different Taxes. It is the essence of a Tax to be paid
without equivalent. But when money is required to be paid
without an equivalent people a man will be
more unwilling to pay it than in the case of
an ordinary debt. He will naturally be led disposed to
devised all sorts of contrivances in order to avoid this evil

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