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Prodigality consists in the living beyond one's income:
in other words Prodigality is where a man in a given time consumes money or money-worth
to an amount considerably greater than the utmost amount which he has any well-grounded expectation of receiving for a constancy in an equal space of time.

Prodigality may be mischievous on two accounts
[in a two fold point of view: 1st as tending to diminish
the happiness of the individual. 2. as tending
to drive him to such expedients for retrieving himself
as may be prejudicial to the public. other parties. These
parties are 1. the kindred of the prodigal. 2. Any persons
or party for whom he may be in trust. 3. the nation at large.

Prodigality will not require a different treatment
according as it respects 1. persons who live upon
their industry , or 2. persons who live upon
their fortune.

It is hardly practicable with regard to either
of these two classes of persons to combat it in the way
of direct legislation

1. With regard to persons who live upon their
personal industry alone, it there seems in no particular method
of attacking opposing it: the inconvenience incident to insolvency
will ultimately operate as a punishment
when it gets to the length of insolvency. See Tit. [Insolvency.]

2. With regard to persons who live upon their
personal industry employ'd in the way of trade.
It is impossible without an inconvenience much greater
than the benefit to ascertain the expendable income
of a person engaged in trade. It would be impossible
therefore to convict him of prodigality. But prodigality
in a traders leads on to Bankruptcy. When it
has gone got that length his accounts are over-hauled:
and at on that occasion if he appears to have incurred
the charge of prodigality he may be subjected to
various disadvantages.+ + See Tit. Insolvency See the Laws concerning Bankrupts.

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