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Difficulties of preventing Gaming Of all the mischiefs to which society is liable there
is scarce any one that is more apt to foils the industry ingenuity of the Legislators
so much as this of Gaming. If two people
will contract with one another to pay and receive
money upon certain contingencies, and if such contingencies as are to be met with every where will serve their turn, and will perform
their contracts, how to are they to be hinder'd? who is it that shall prevent them? If
the paying censure of the world appears to a man a
worse punishment than the paying what he loses, how
shall we prevent his paying? This is an It is an unfortunate
case when the censure of the world runs counter to the
per dictates of utility; and this is one of them

But it is one thing not to take forbear taking an active
part in prosecuting a man, or to pay money that has been lost it is another thing to
preserve inviolable secresy respecting the transaction
and if when called upon in a court of Justice to give
an account of it to perjure ones self on giving
a false account of it. If there be any laws of
honour which require a man to maintain the
former conduct there are none which require
him to maintain either of the two latter. On
this [omission] is founded all the chance that
any Laws against Gaming have of being executed.

Insurance )( Gaming x Subordination.
The means what In insurance a greater suffering is averted greater than
sustained the suffering which is produced: in gaming a greater is pro suffering is produced more
than equivalent to the pleasure which is produced: in
subornation a quantity of mischief is produced the private
part of which is greatly preponderant over the pleasure, of which
the public part stands altogether clear & uncompensated.

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