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3 C Gaming

The expedients which the Law has to employ
for palliating the mischief that are liable to be result produced
by from the habit of Gaming are seem reducible to these three heads

1. The prohibiting all such games of mere chance as
are most inciting alluring

2. The giving the benefits to be reaped from a
prosecution to those who have not the of Heaven
to restrain them from engaging in it

3. The providing for the sequestration of the partey's
estate in case of its having suffer'd any material
defalcation from imprudences of this kind

1. With regard to the prohibition of alluring games.
Game that men play at for money are either
games of chance , games of skill , or games of chance
and skill together. Games of mere chance , if
they were not plaid at for money never would be plaid
at at all. All the Whatever interest people can take in them
is wrong in a manner alltogether to the money.
This is the case with hazard , pharaoh, lottery
tickets , Condiquent the 9.0. table &c. Games of mere skill
afford a very considerable interest of their own themselves ; so
considerable as that in some games it commonly
supersedes the necessity of calling in the artificial
interest produced by money. This is the case
with draughts and chess among sedentary comments,
and with most field pastimes & games of exercise or manual
dexterity. It is the business therefore of the Law to encourage as

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