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But by prohibiting the instruments The only cases in which the Law can prohibit
gaming with any tolerable chance of being executed
is where the game requires a particular set of implements.
Happily Games of in which skill require bears
any part require of course a set of implements of course
on which the skill is to be display'd. Happily
games of mere chance though they do not necessary
require a set of implements on purpose, yet without
some such set of implements are apt to be grow insipid.
Now then, where wherever such a set of
implements are required the Legislator can get
a tolerable hold. He has a large field to range in:
the enemy has a large frontier to defend. A multitude
of persons must be employ'd and a multitude of operations, processes some
of which can not be secret must be concerned employ'd before
the obnoxious propensity can be carried into
effect. He may prohibit or (what is sometimes better) he may tax not only the act itself of playing
at the game in question, but the custody and all the operations necessary to the making
and keeping of the instruments.

Happily too an amusement of this kind
is very commonly thought to acquire an additional relish
by being partaken of in company. Some games require
a large company to join in them. And even
in regard to games in for which two persons are sufficient,
it is common for the gamesters to look upon
it as an addition to their amusement when they
see the interest they take their hopes and fears in their play partaken of by
a large circle of spectators. Now the more numerous and particularly

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