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particularly the more miscellaneous the company, the
greater chance the Legislator has of getting evidence.

Difficulty of getting evidence in this case When the implements of the game are not prohibited
the field of evidence is limited to the particular
transactions at each particular meeting. A
man can be made responsible only for the ga sum he has
lost or even at or by a particular moment. Upon
the Judge's being able to get an account of what
passed on that particular moment will depend all
the chance of which the Legislator's has of getting his law
carried into execution.

Good and bad effects of Gaming Gaming like any other source of amusement
is in itself a good: it is mischievous only by accident
in as far as it is pursued to an excess. The
excess of it in this amusement may is essentially liable to be pernicious in two ways: 1st by
consuming time and 2. by consuming money. As a
means of consuming time it is mischievous to those only in
proportion as a man has better employment for his time. It is
consequently most apt to be pernicious to those who have
a livelyhood to get or those who are in possession of an
office the duties of which take up the most demand the greater part of their
time. To those who live upon their incomes who have
no taste for literature for the sciences or for the arts
to all such insipid beings that is to a very large division of mankind, it is of this amusement when
pursued in moderation is of considerable use. It gives them pleasure for the time,
that is for any time and for any length of time: and
it keeps them withdraws them from the influence of the
boisterous passions and thereby keeps them out of mischief. An

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