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An ingenious writer + + Mr de Pinto in his maintains and with great appearance
of reason, that the invention of cards has had a
considerable share in meliorating the manners of most
of the nations of Europe.

Consumption of money. With regard to the consumption of money excess
is relative. A loss which would not be felt by one man
may be the ruin of another. One man may be more
hurt by the loss of 5' than another man by the loss
of 5000'. The sum then beyond more than which a man ought
not to be permitted to stake ought not to be a fixed
sum but a variable one to be determined by it's proportion
to his income.

Dehortatory sentence It is scandalous for a man in high office to g seek
amusement in any sedentary game. He must have
talents, else why does he or it is a crime to in him to bear his office
He has choice of company: and he has continual occasions
to see a variety of company. He has money at
command: Literature, all the useful sciences and all
the elegant arts vie with each other in solliciting courting his
regard. With what face can a man statesman who spend
ever spent an hour thus idly in this idle manner refuse [to see]
an audience to any man on pretence of want of time?

The statesman who hazards at play a sum of which
he would feel the loss, hazards his own independence
his own integrity, and with it the welfare of the state.

Punishment for Gaming in Statesman If any person who a With regard to public offices of trust that
requires talents and occupyies the greatest part of his a man's time
if any person who is in the exercise of such an office
play at any sedentary game except in public on certain festivals
or if at any game he lose within 24 hours more than a day's income
his punishment shall be as follows.

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