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C 9


exhibition to be performed on the effigie of the offender
instead of his person: and the formulary of submission
instead of being recited by the offender himself might
be recited by the an officer of the Court speaking of the
offender in the 3d person.

Quest. Why no option given to the Judge To the Judge No latitude should be left of any kind. should be As it can
scarce happen but he must have something to hope connected with the offender
or to fear from in point of friendship of enmity or of hope or of
fear, for his own safety as well as for the sake of Justice, choice should not appear to have any concern
in any thing he does.

Here should follow

1. Placemen why given 1. A catalogue of the officers to whom gaming
is inhibited.

2. Occasions excepted 2. A so statement of the occasions on which
gaming in public is permitted to such officers so
it be in public. Of These occasions the principal will
be that of a Gala day at Court. On such occasions
it is will be necessary or expedient at least that many of
the above officers should be present: and that every
body may find something to do it is necessary there
should be gaming.

Wagers. Horse-racing. Suppose the wager be the whole or some proportion of the value of the Horses that race or a Skin not exceeding If In regard to wagers a proviso should
be made for Horse-racing. Upon a Horse of his own
breeding a man might be allowd to lay at one time
to the amount extent of a 12th or perhaps a 6th of his
annual income. In several countries it is or may be
an object of national policy to encourage the breed
of horses. As such an this occasion of wagering is one that
can not occur often, and as the the a breeding sum betted stated must be

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