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Offences against Justice.


As to the several functions of Justice, how well soever Impropriety of the common devision of Justice into distributive and commutative See Ethicis Compend: oxon: X consult Aristotle. The notion we have of Justice would not have been quite so obscure as it, is, if it had not been for Aristotle.
they may be understood in the detail, I have never met
with any general account of them that had appeared tolerably satisfactory.
According to the account given of it by the old philosophy,
of the schools which has not yet been replaced by any better


by appearing in character of a Plaintiff or in that of a Defendant: Civil Justice excludes competition by applications made either 1. to the will immediately: or 2: to the understanding
demanding the possession of these advantages, that is by demanding and if need by kept by physical force from meddling with it.
that any one who would impede him in the enjoyment of them
may be declared punishable for it: where burthen is in question by demanding
that some one, by whose hearing it he would be benefited, may be made to hear it; that is may be given to understand that
if he fails to hear it, he shall be punished in the character of
a Defendant 1st, where advantage is in question, by maintaining
that it belongs to him, by insisting that the possession of it
be continued to him, and that the Plaintiff be given to understand
that should he offer to impede him (the Defendant)
in the enjoyment of it, he, like any other person, may be punished
2 where burthen is in question, by maintaining that
no one has any right to excuse him to be punished for not
hearing it; for that (as the case is) it is such a burthen as nobody
ought to be made to bear, or if any one, not he, but
either the Plaintiff or some one else.

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