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C 5. Offences against Justice.

can happen to them is, to
is that they should be forgotten.

1. Means by which he may come to fail in
point of Knowledge.


Let us first consider the ways in which the purposes
of Justice may be frustrated through want of knowledge by a failure in point of
on the part of the Judge. or through false knowledge: ie. mis-supposal

Knowledge of may that regard matters of fact law, or of fact The knowledge here meant on the part of the judge is the
knowledge of those circumstances the existence of which is requisite
to warrant the conduct eventually observed by him.

These circumstances must be either matters of Law or matters
of fact. See Tit: Of[Justifications]&c

14 15

Matters of fact may be crim: justif. aggrav. extenu: or exemption Such of them as are matters of act must be circumstances
either of crimination, justification, aggravation or excuse. See extenuation ,
or exemption. See again Tit. Of Justifications &c.


A failure in the point may be the Judges own fault., A failure on the part of the Judge in respect of any of these
points of knowledge must ensue either from his own fault
or form the fault of others.


or proceed from want a Failure in of Information. When the deficiency ensues then from the fault of others, it
is owing to the suppression of some facts of which [information
ought to have been given to him] some person or other stood bound
to give him information. This

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