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C 7. Offences against Justice.

When given upon oath and known to be false by him who gives
it, it is called Perjury.


Personation a species of false Evidence. Where a man uses endeavours to cause You to believe
him to be some other individual, it is Personation. One way
therefore of giving false evidence may be by Personation.

II. Means by which He may come to fail In Point of Inclination.


Failure in point of inclination may be his own fault merely, or negative or positive that of others also. Next with regard to the ways in which the purposes
of Justice may be frustrated by a failure <add>on the part of the Judge in point</add> through want of inclination.
or as opposite inclination in the Judge to act according This failure may either be negative or positive: negative
when it consists simply in the want of inclination to act properly: positive, when it consists in a positive inclination to to the intention of the Law.
act improperly.

With regard to this point likewise a deficiency or improper
bias may ensue either from his own fault merely
or that of others.

When through his own fault, the evil disposition may ensue
from any of the motives by which human nature is
liable to be influenced. When such is the direction given by
them to a man's inclination they may be all stiled bad
thoughts not equally bad motives.

When others are in fault it may be produced by coercive or seductive Motives. When through the fault of other persons, it is by means
of some Motives presented to him by such other persons. These

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