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Offences against Justice.

These motives may be any kind of evil or good such which it is
in the power of one man to occasion to another. Motives of
the former of these kinds may on this occasion be termed
coercive Motives or Threats menacements: those of the other, seductive motives
or Allurements. Those of the coercive kind are either
1. The several sorts of criminal criminal modes of gratifying enmity, corresponding to the
several sorts of Injuries that can be offered to individuals:+
See Tab: or Threats of civil enmity, corresponding to the several kinds
of good and ill offices which when standing apart from all
such conditions a man may chuse whether he will do to
another without offence. Now the disposition which a man
manifests by yielding to motives of the coercive kind in cases
in which he ought not to yield to them, is termed pusillanimity. A +
+ failure therefore in this behalf in point of inclination may when produced by the influence of such motives be termed an act of pusillanimity.

Motives of the seductive kind may be any of the several
kinds of Allurements corresponding to the several kinds
of good offices which it is in the power of one man to do
to another. Of these the most obvious and that which is
most heard of is that is the giving him money.

III. Means by which he may come to fail
in point the article of Power.


Lastly with regard to the ways in which the purposes of
Justice may be frustrated through want of Power.

As to the Power (meaning the physical power) which

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