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2 C Abuse of Trust

After what has been said with relation to the
other offences concerning trust, there will not
need much to be said with reference to this.

Abuse of trust - in what cases termed extortion. Abuse of trust when [+] [+] the blame fault lies not in in the understanding but the will and not in the understanding, and when committed to the prejudice
of a man's property and not distinguished by any
of those sets of circumstances which constitute the several
other sorts of offences against property, forms a particular is commonly termed
kind of extortion: of which it forms a particular
species already provided for in terminis. In what
— in what, oppression The term oppression is also given to it or whatever
shape it shews itself in of <add>[++] [++] what point so ever</add> whatever possession the party
is affected by it.

Little room for it in private trusts. In private trusts there is scarcely room
for such an offence; since the power which the
trustee possesses in virtue of the trust, scarcely extends
over other others besides the benefitee. If
in any instance it should extend a little further, the
consequences of it are scarcely important enough to
make it worth while to apply to the injury on
that account a separate mode of treatment. The
guardian of a ward who had servants under his
might by means of the power he has
over the person and property of the ward, find
means and occasion to do some injury to such servants:
but if his injury were punished upon a footing with

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