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4 C Abuse of Trust

In public trusts, difficulty of distinguishing the breach from the abuse. In public trusts, the distinction between the benefitees
and other persons at large may seem at first
sight to be obliterated: in which can the abuse and
the breach of trust would coincide. For of such trusts
the whole number of individuals in the state are
the benefitees; which number members of(foreign states out of the question) must of course include
all those to whose prejudice the trust can be abused.
The distinction however though it vanishes under
a slight inspection glance, will re-appear under a closer upon a more
inspection and by a stricter phraseology. attentive examination.
In every public trust there will be some particular
classes of men persons who will be distinguished from
all others, either as being more particularly in
a way to receive the benefit of the trust or more
particularly exposed to suffer by the abuse of it.

Thus in the case of an office established for concerning the
administration of justice the special benefitees are
the suitors: thence are an injury done by the trustee to them as
such would be a breach of the trust: an injury
done to either to subordinate officers of justice or to
persons at large not appearing on the occasion he
the character of suitors would be an abuse of trust. it.
Thus in the s case of a military office command,
an office conceiving subservient to the external security of the state

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