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C 5 Of Prodigality in Trustees

Not only the impelling force of a bribe is augmented
by this change of circumstances, but the restraining
force of the opposite motives is resisted.
For the stock of reputation which he possessed
before being now lessen'd is the less worth preserving:
or the fear of losing it acts upon him with the less force, and
it is hazarded with the less regret.

Of this nature is the mischief Such is the danger of continuing
trusts in the hands of those persons who by their
prodigality have demonstrated their unfitness
to possess them. Hence the expediency of making prodigality a ground of emotion: from officially from offices public trusts The expediency will be quite a There will need nothing more
to prove the expediency of making such delinquency
a ground of amotion, unless any sufficient reason
can be adduced to prove that the there are hazards
to which trusts would be exposed by such an institution
more than equivalent to the severity advantage
it promises them in point of security.

Objection — danger of losing the benefit of extraordinary talents — I know of no objections that can be urged
except this, that shining abilities are frequently
found in alliance with dissipation. Now then it
may be said, cases may happen (speaking of great public trusts) in which the abities
of one man may so far outshine those
of any other person who could be put in competition
with him, that to displace him would be a
manifest disservice and signal prejudice to the trust. And yet, this man

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