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C 11 Of Prodigality in Trustees

More reason for displacing prodigals than for rendering them incapable of being placed There seems not to be so much reason for
detaining avoiding to place persons prodigals in posts of trust
as there is for displacing those who fall into prodigality
during the time they occupy them; especially
if in the former case, they have had time to digest repent
their misfortune, their grow out of humour with their former folly, to retrench their place of living, and
to reconcile themselves to their situation. This takes
for granted however that a considerable emoluments
as is commonly the case are annexed to the office in proportion to the importance
of it. This being the case, those emoluments
being so much added to their late incomes will
place them comparatively in a state of affluence
in comparison of their late distress; and they will
had the benefit of experience to restrain them
from falling into the same like distress a second time.

Statesmen reduced by gaming to be more severely dealt with than with when if reduced by prodigality at large. If Prodigality in general seems to warrant be a vice
the taking of such precautions so much to be guarded against in statesmen, gaming
the worst and most blameable species of
prodigality is still a vice still more to be dreaded in persons of that description and which
may warrant the employing of still more coercive
measures for the suppression of it. Distress
pecuniary distress when thus occasioned sits the more
irksome on a man and stimulates him the more
strongly to venture upon any thing to retrieve himself

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