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C 1 Refusal of Trusts Diss.

Refusal or non-acceptance of a trust — on what Supposition such an act may become meet for punishment As the interest of the state a party may suffer by
your a mans <add>your</add> usurping a office a trust for for which you are another man
fitter to follow than he is fitter than you, so may it from your declining
to accept exercise an office accept a trust for which you
are fitter than another. The refusing an office a trust
then for which no one is so fit as yourself
is one way in which you may act counter to
the interests of the state . a party in whose favour
it is deemed expedient to subject you to such a burden.

To p.4. at top in public trusts only that non-acceptance is treated on the footing of 2

From The prejudice which the state receives from in expend to sustain
the usurpation or refusal of an office is different
according to the duty of the office: according
to the branch of Government to the carrying on
of which the duty of the office is subservient
[According to the prejudice which from the act, such
is the nature of the offence].
If it be a military office it is an offence against
the Public Force: if a judicial office, an
offence against Justice: if an offence of finance,
an offence against the Revenue.

From p.11. No 1 An In every office there are two things to
be consider'd; the burthen or duty and the profit: these are
mixed in various proportions. In some offices there
is nothing scarce any but burthen, & scarce any profit. in
others there is scarce any thing but profit & scarce
any burthen. More then that, Moreover as the same practise will

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