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4 C Diss. Refusal of Trusts. Diss.

From p.1. No 1. A trust may be private, semi-public, or public The party thus favoured, as has been before observed,
may be either an a private individual,
a subordinate class or community of persons, or the public state
at large: in conformity to which distinctions
the trust may be either private, semi-public
or public. Conformable to the same distinctions
will also be the mischief of the offence, whatever
it be which consists in the refusal of
the trust in question.

The nature of the mischief will also admitt
of farther variation according to the nature of
the benefit or service which in virtue of the trust the benefitee
is to receive, and the trustee to render.

A private trust may concern person, property reputation, or condition. First then where the benefitee is an individual
and the trust therefore a private one. I have It has
been already shewn shewn on a multitude of occasions, what
the points are in respect of which an individual can
receive a prejudice; the same and they only are
those in respect of which he can receive stand in
need of assistance, and by receiving it, receive receive
a benefit. Of these it will be remembered, there are
four; his person, his property, his reputation, and
his condition in life. These then may be consider'd
as so many kinds of possessions, which for the benefit of the
possessor, it may in some certain circumstances be

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