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2 C Breach of Trust

individual is the subject of the trust, and the
breach of trust is of the positive kind, it will
of course assume the shape of some one or other of the
several sorts of offences against individuals: It it
may therefore will either be a simple corporal injury,
an irreperable corporal injury, an act of confinement,
an act of banishment an act of homicide,
an act of menacement or a simple mental
injury. In any of these cases it may either be consider'd as constituting a ground of aggravation applicable respectively to those several offences: or if that should not be thought worth while while, it may be consider'd as merged in them altogether. If it is of the negative kind, it will
assume a different complexion according as the
prejudice mischief produced by it is such as redounds to
the prejudice of the body of the benefitee, or of
his mind. If the body be the part affected to the prejudice of his body, it
must still assume the shape of some one or
other of the abovementioned offences, being now of the pos
negative kind only as before it was of
the positive. If to the prejudice of his mind, the
nature of the offence is will be less determinate
than any of the foregoing and admitt of greater
latitude. For under this head may be comprised
all sorts of neglects that have respect
to education. the To the head of education may
be referred all that part of the conduct of the Trustee

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