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4 C Diss. Breach of Trust.

to possess it in so high a degree as he might otherwise ,
in short whenever any defect absolute or
relative in his mental character can be traced
up to any passage article in the conduct of the guardian
such part article of his conduct may be to consider'd
in the light of an offence : for which , as
for any other offence , if the so as the fact can
but be made out to the satisfaction of the judge ,
the offender maybe subject t subjected to punishment.

With regard to breaches of trust respecting
property nothing prceise can be determined till
the inducement to the offence be taken into consideration . As to breaches of trust respecting the articles of reputation
and condition in life , what has been observed
with relation to these articles under the head of
refusal if trusts may with a few obvious variations , be applicable here . The case is the same
with regard to semi-public and public trusts .

As to the cause of the mismangement
this may be preferable either to the understanding alone
or to the will alone , or to both together. When it is referred to the understanding
alone , that is to such a in the
understanding as is conceived not to be curable by
the will, the offence if such it whatever be the nature

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